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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Confused about politics in the USA? Well, join the crowd!

Dear friends and readers,

Is anyone but me scratching your heads in confusion over the latest spat of Republican/Democratic political antics?

I try diligently to keep my articles NON political and so please know that I am not blowing anyone in particulars trumpet. But wow. The question is, who is going to "get" who? I really do not like to be melodramatic or just another voice of doom and gloom in an already crowded forum.  But with every single day that passes, I do wonder just how much really creepy stuff is hidden in the hallowed halls of congress, the FBI and Justice Department?

Oh gosh, did I forget to mention the State Department and White House? Still I suppose it could be worse, after todays news at least the Military is funded. YEA! Of course there is that little matter of several hundred MILLIONS of dollars that seem to be missing from departments entrenched in the Pentagon, but then who is really counting? Uhhh, apparently no one!

So let me see if I can get this straight. The GOP has unearthed horrible evidence of everything from Democratic collusion between the Clintons, Russia, secret retired British agents, privately paid companies hired to do political hit jobs, Uranium 1 scandals, secret dossiers,  all the way to downright criminal activity within the FBI and DOJ.

At the very same time, the Democrats have unearthed horrible evidence regarding collusion between the White House and the Kremlin, evidence of a completely dysfunctional White House because one of it's young staffers beat up his wife (well er, ok it may have been two wives---hopefully not married to them both at once),  Wire taps,  staff infighting and a President who lacks mental prowess but at the same time managed to kick the Dems butts on a number of issues not the least of which was tax reform/relief, an attempted Government shutdown and a 2 year funding deal for the Military.

Then there are the leakers (of high level government secrets) and the news media in general who have earned the lowest popularity ratings in all of history from the American public. Lets not leave out battles royal nearly daily by and between such august organizations as Planned Parenthood, Right to Life Advocates, the NRA, ACLU, Civil liberties groups on every front---none of whom agree on anything???

Well let's see, does that cover it? Not by a long shot. It does beg the question, who exactly will pay the 20 Trillion dollar national debt? Who will finally get some workable plan going for people to obtain decent medical insurance? Who Will be able to finally overhaul a badly broken immigration system? Oh and just so you know? In my opinion the Stock Market is headed for a massive correction---no let's reword that to massive total and complete failure in which your green backs will be worth exactly zilch!

I wonder if anyone has considered selling the book and movie rights for this non fiction thriller to Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler or Daniel Silva. After all there is a real life spy involved even though he is not an Israeli named Gabriel Allon. Golly the book sales alone could help pay off the national debt!

Uh, oh and I forgot to mention that congress will fix it all. After all, that's what the granpoobahs of both parties are telling us daily, right? Right? Well maybe not!

So many people ask guys like me, "why is not the United States mentioned in end times Biblical prophecy"? Surely nothing could EVER EVER happen to the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Of course we must remind ourselves that in their historical times all of the following nations were the greatest the world had ever seen; 1). Egyptian Empire 2). Ancient Philistine Empire 3). Assyrian Empire 4). Babylonian Empire 5). Persian Empire 6). Greek Empire 7). Roman Empire 8). Byzantine Empire 9). Spanish Empire 10). Nazi Germany (well at least Hitler thought so), not to mention 11). The Soviet Union. Not one of whom by the way ever approached a one trillion dollar national debt let alone one of 20 trillion!

All of these and more spanned thousands and thousands of years and where are they now? All of them, every single one? In the dust bin of destroyed societies, all of whom thought they had it wired forever!

Friends we are witnessing the dying throes of the United States as a world power. Sad to say but true. There is absolutely no way back for a country who has turned against itself, turned against God and turned against all moral authority in a quest for self righteous fulfillment. How will the mighty USA finally fall from grace and power? Sorry, but I don't have an answer for that. Not even specific timing. Perhaps the fall will not be tomorrow but it is coming.

When the United States does fall---and fall it will, a vacuum of immense proportions will engulf the world and there will be a man who steps into that vacuum and at the time he will seem like a savior, A good guy with all the answers. But he won't be, and he won't have. No he will be the antichrist in all his horrible glory. Helped along by the False Prophet who will force earths population to its knees in worship of a false god.

He will literally enslave the world and its entire population. Mass murder, rape and mayhem will ensue over the next 7 years and such a catatonic catastrophe will be created that the final battle of Armageddon will force its way upon the world stage and engulf nearly all living beings.

But there is good news, at least for some. Jesus Christ will come back for His church---long before Armageddon. Yes, the rapture will take place first. Somewhat over 7 years later, near the end of the war of Armageddon, Christ will appear in His second coming. Peace will be restored and eventually He will be enthroned in Jerusalem for a physical reign of 1000 years.

But in the meantime there are troubled waters ahead. Christians should not be fooled or surprised because much of this end time scenario is written in scripture.

If you are a follower of Christ please pray diligently for your families, for your neighbors and yes for your country no matter where in the world you reside, and for your leaders.

If you are not a follower of Christ, making a decision to change that NOW will be your only salvation from eternal catastrophe. Romans chapter 10 verse 9 is your way, literally your pathway to safety. Not that everything will be perfect in your lives by making this decision because it won't. You will still have problems. But you will also know for certain what your future holds for you, an eternity with God.

But this decision will also have to be accompanied by soul wrenching, sincere repentance. These are the requirements; Heartfelt prayer to God including 1). Repentance 2). If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ 3). Believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead.


But don't do this as a form of escape. That will not work for you. You must do so because you do truly love Jesus Christ with all your heart.


God bless,
Pastor Rance.

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